From helicopter rides to wilderness boating, the absolute best Grand Canyon sees expect you to make headway.

Red rock gorges, sandstone fires, jagged slopes, and plummeting cliffs—the Grand Canyon is striking from just about every angle. Here are some ways to get off the rim and see this natural wonder from above or below for the most spectacular views.

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Because of the sheer size and extent of the Grand Canyon, the best perspectives without a doubt come from the sky. Helicopter visits commonly leave from Las Vegas or the Grand Canyon itself and can be bundled with different encounters, similar to an outing or strolling visit on the West Rim, an underneath the-edge arrival, or a Colorado River boat ride .

Airplane tours

To get to the Grand Canyon in style (and partake in some elevated perspectives en route), jump on board a flightseeing plane for a day of touring around the South Rim, North Rim, or West Rim. On the other hand, require a drawn out flightseeing visit through the desert, with all encompassing perspectives on the Grand Canyon.

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